art is to be worn

Maja Soric Jewelry

Sculpture for the Body.

Art is to be worn.

Maja Soric’s jewelry evokes the timeless eloquence of nature and the world’s lush cultures from Egypt to Croatia. With impeccable design and craft, she weaves, bends, and playfully forms a truly original architecture for the body that bows deeply to life and beauty.

Celebrate your body

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Custom and Bespoke Jewelry by Maja Soric
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Timeless Jewelry


Handmade Jewelry Made With the Craft, Heart, and Eyes of an Artist

Urban yet ancient.  Silver mesh, gold, gems, plastic mesh tubes, sculpted clasps, and gilded ornaments – Maja Soric creates jewelry stretching the wrinkles of time.


How It Works

Maja will assist you personally, whether you are a gallery owner, someone who wishes to gift a beloved, or would thrill to a bespoke piece of jewelry.

Wherever you are in the world, art and jewelry know no boundaries.

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